24/7 Free Call Out Service


Severn Vale Locksmiths understands that you may need our services in the early hours.

We offer the entire local area a 24/7 locksmiths services with no call out fee.

We also aim to be with anyone who needs our locksmiths services within the hour of you calling.

So if you find yourself in a sticky situation, give us a call anytime during the day or night on… 

07562348306 or 01453 81118


Maglocks for Garages & Sheds


What is a maglock? A maglock is an electromagnetic lock that is an instant deterrent to unwanted visitors. 

We provide and fit you electromagnetic locks professionally and efficiently.

Electromagnetic locks are strong, secure and significantly harder to break into than a standard lock or padlock.

If you want the best kind of lock fitted with professionalism for your garage, shed or anything else then get in touch…

Boarding Up Services


Sometimes, when locked out we may have no option to wait and have to break into the property.

Of course this doesn’t solve the problem and now you may be stuck with a broken window.

As well as fix or replace the lock for the main entry point we also offer a boarding up service to make sure your property is secure if there’s a broken window etc…

We pride ourselves on doing a great job of everything we do.

Boarding services are no different!


boarding up services

Emergency Door Opening


As you probably guessed, we can see to any of your emergencies when it comes to getting back into your property.

We provide a fast service with as little hassle and mess as possible.

We aim to be with you within the hour of you calling to get you back into your property safe and sounds.

We offer this service domestically or for business or work addresses. 

If you find yourselves locked out then we’re a great choice.

Garage Door Locks


If you have a garage, you probably need a decent lock to make sure it’s as secure as possible.

We provide all sorts of locks for garages and sheds. This includes electric locks or ‘maglocks’.

As well as fitting locks to garages or sheds we can also help get you into your garages or sheds if you find yourself locked out or without a key.

We’ve fitted countless amounts of locks to garages over the years and have always been highly recommended to others for this service.

If you’re not sure what kind of lock you need then don’t worry…

garage doors
office locksmiths

Locksmiths Services for Windows & Cabinets


Not only do we provide locksmiths services for gaining entry to your property via the main door, we also offer our services for windows.

As well as windows, we can get you into cupboards or cabinets if you have misplaced the key.

We can open your windows, cabinets and cupboards. Also, we can replace the locks on any of the mentioned items.

We offer this service domestically or for business or work addresses. 

We offer a friendly, fast and professional service.

Replace Locks and Mechanisms to British Standard 3621


We are all about professionalism and doing the job right!

Any locks we fit or replace including any mechanism is always completed to the British Standard 3621.

We pride ourselves on our skills, services, customer service and especially the quality of our work.

You are guaranteed services that all fall in line with the British Standard 3621.

We’re also CRB/DBS checked and if you want to check us out then our registered ID Number is: IL10319


replace locks
UPVC door lock repairs

UPVC Door & Window Lock Specialist


If your having problems with your UPVC door mechanism, we can repair your lock by replacing any necessary parts. Failing that, we can provide a complete new lock.

With many years between us, we are a great choice for any UPVC window and door lock problems.

Any faults we find, we will let you know and repair them or if the lock is beyond repair we can replace the lock.

If you start experiencing any problems with the operation of your door, it is advised these problems be rectified sooner rather than later.